Vexilar T-Pod review and how I maneuver it.


Shirt Design

While I was going through my old hard drive, I ran across a folder with just some of my old T-shirt designs. I love some of these, even 5 years later, like the alphabet one, the “R” made out of shapes and the orange and black one where the long white lines make up an “L” and an “I”. Hopefully I can find some more of that stuff to share, it’s got to be on one of these hard drives around here somewhere!

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GUI from February 2006

Back in 2005, I was working for a little start up called eWord. This is way before the iPhone and the iPad, and we had an idea. We wanted to create a touch screen device that would house books, articles and magazines, surf the web, send emails, write papers, well you name it. I was in charge of creating the interface for it, the GUI. Recently I ran across the crude version I mocked up in flash on how it would look and here it is. Mind you, this is before there was an iPad and Apple went and made it all beautiful.

Dr. Seuss themed kids room.

Repurposing an IKEA cd rack